Criteria Guiding the Assessment of Nominations for Non-Party Political Life Peers

Criteria Guiding the Assessment of Nominations for Non-Party Political Life Peers

Eligibility Criteria

Any British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen over the age of 21 may be nominated for membership of the House of Lords.  It will decline to consider any nominee who is not resident in the United Kingdom for tax purposes.


Selection Criteria

The Commission will assess nominations against the criteria set out below. It is committed to independent and fair assessment of nominations. Its recommendations will be made on individual merit and not on any other basis.


The Criteria

The Commission will be seeking to recommend nominees:

  • with the ability to make an effective and significant contribution to the work of the House of Lords, not only in their areas of particular interest and special expertise, but the wide range of other issues coming before the House;
  • with a record of significant achievement within their chosen way of life that demonstrates a range of experience, skills and competencies;
  • who are willing to commit the time necessary to make an effective contribution to the work of the House of Lords. The Commission recognises that many active members continue with their professional and other working interests and this can help maintain expertise and experience;
  • with some understanding of the constitutional framework, including the place of the House of Lords, and the skills and qualities needed to be an effective member of the House – for example, nominees should be able to speak with independence and authority;
  • who are able to demonstrate outstanding personal qualities, in particular, integrity and independence;
  • with a strong and personal commitment to the principles and highest standards of public life;
  • who are and intend to remain independent of any political party. Nominees and the Commission will need to feel confident of their ability to be independent of party-political considerations whatever their past party-political involvement. For this reason, all nominees are asked to respond to the questions on political involvement and activities which are similar to those used for most public appointments;
  • who are resident in the UK for tax purposes and accept the requirement to remain so.