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House of Lords Appointment Commission

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Publication Scheme

Status and Role

The Commission is an independent, advisory non-departmental public body. It has two responsibilities:

It was established in May 2000 by the Prime Minister following the publication in January 1999 of the Government’s White Paper, Modernising Parliament: Reforming the House of Lords. This had proposed an independent Appointments Commission to assist with the transitional phase in reforming the House of Lords.

The Commission has adopted the model publication scheme prepared and approved by the Information Commissioner.  The House of Lords Appointments Commission publishes information about itself, its role and remit, its decisions, its policies and procedures, and information in lists and registers.

This section helps you to find that information.   

Who we are and what we do  

Organisational information 

Biographies of the Commission Members

Information about how to contact us

What we spend and how we spend it 

Financial statements and budgets are set out in the Appointment Commission's Annual Report and in the Cabinet Offices' Annual Report and Accounts.

What our priorities are and how are we doing

Annual reports

How we make decisions

Records of decisions

Minutes of senior level meetings

Our policies and procedures 

Code of practice (includes complaints procedure) 

Current written procedures

Lists and registers 

Register of interests

The services we offer 

No relevant documents at current time

Responsibility for administering the scheme rests with the Secretary to the Commission. For more detailed enquiries about the Commission’s publication scheme contact Clive Barbour at the Commission secretariat (Tel: 020 7271 0835 )

House of Lords Appointments Commission
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The information contained in our scheme is available free of charge on our website. For those without Internet access, a single printout (or bound copy, in the case of some types of document) can be obtained – also free of charge - by post, by contacting the Commission, as set out above.

Reproduction for sale or other commercial purposes is not permitted. For any other use, or if in doubt, further information and guidance notes on publishing and copyright are available from HMSO's Licensing Division (Tel: 01603 621000).